Forbidden Verses From a Greek Underworld

Forbidden Verses From a Greek Underworld

illustrated by Eva Harbridge & edited by Michael Alexandratos.


Limited edition zine. 12 pp.

with B/W illustrations.

Cycladic Press (2016)


Most of the lyrics translated here are taken from a group of songs loosely called “the forbidden rebetika.” They are songs of the underworld and the people who inhabited it, from the streets, ports, prisons and hash-dens of modern-day Greece and Turkey.

Ravishing, raw and lucid, these verses are accompanied by new and specially commissioned illustrations by Eva Harbridge.

Eva Harbridge (b. 1996) is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Sydney, Australia. Her online portfolio can be viewed at

Michael Alexandratos (b. 1997) is a writer, researcher and publisher based in Sydney. He runs a research blog dedicated to his music and recorded sound research, titled Amnesiac Archive and has produced numerous album compilations of 78rpm recordings from Australia’s recorded sound history (1926-1957).

Forbidden Verses was featured in the exhibition “Self-Made: Zines and Artist Books” at the State Library of Victoria, Australia, on display from 11 August – 12 November, 2017.

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