Queerbetika: Queering Rebetika

Queerbetika: Queering Rebetika

By Michael Alexandratos 


Paperback. pp. 132.

With B/W illustrations.

Cycladic Press (2019)

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“Queerbetika” is a term used to describe the queering of the genre of rebetika – an urban Greek popular song from the late 19th century to the 1950s – through academic or creative interventions. This zine explores queerness and homosexuality in rebetika through its exponents, sites of performance, gay supporters and song lyrics.

This is the first study and anthology in either Greek or English to investigate such an important but overlooked theme in the field of rebetology.

Michael Alexandratos (b. 1997) is a writer, researcher and publisher based in Sydney, Australia. He runs a research blog dedicated to his music and recorded sound research, titled Amnesiac Archive, and has produced numerous album compilations of 78rpm recordings from Australia’s recorded sound history (1926-1957).

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